This dictionary was compiled using the most common Tanw writing system and it serves the purpose. Henkako believes that simplicity is the key to encourage our younger generation to learn our mother tongue and above all improve upon the existing system of Tanw Language.
We are using the dictionary compiled by Dr. Pascal Bouchery as the basis for this online dictionary. We are looking to add and improve upon this firm basis. All our users are invited to add more words that will enhance our Tanw learning experience. You can add words by clicking here.

Compiled by: Dr. Pascal Bouchery, University of Poitiers, France.
Main contributors: Ngilyang Rinyo, Taku Tara, Gyati Tallo, Dani Sulu, Dr. Tage Kanno, Dr. Ngilyang Talley, Gyati Aapa, Roto Chobin, Hage Gumto.
Other contributors: Kime Davis, Hage Nanku, Nani Lampung, Nending Ommo, Tage Laling.

Copyright Notice:
This dictionary belongs to the Apatani people. It may be used or copied without permission from the copyright holder for private or educational purposes. For legal purposes a copyright notice is placed on it. No one may print this dictionary for sale, or sell this dictionary for profit without permission from the copyright holder. Copyright ©2009 Apatani Language Project – All Rights Reserved.