Author’s Note

This site is developed by a bunch of like-minded people from various fields, entrepreneurs, academicians, social workers, public leaders, and Corporate managers.  We are working together to create a knowledge base for reference, not just for Tanws, but for all those who are interested in learning Tanw.

We would like to thank Henkako Technologies Private Limited for supporting us by allowing us to use their data center for hosting our dictionary. We look forward to continue our partnership and work for the public interest.

Some people may take this site as a reaction towards the recent decisions taken by ALDC (Apatani Language Development Committee). The intention is not to contradict with any organisation, rather we may even work with them or for that matter with any organisation, once the actual standards on Tanw Script is arrive. However, we are moving ahead with whatever we currently have at our disposal and work towards a platform that leads to generate needed public awareness work towards unified structure that would serve good for all.
[TSD Tanw Supuñ Dukuñ has cleared the previous doubts and the same idea presented on this site regarding Tanw Script has been approved. Of course, Tanw language is young and evolving, future improvements will continue].

We are dedicated to  make Learning Tanw (not just writing) an easy and simple for all. We believe that languages are learned and preserved more by speaking it than writing it down. For the purpose of writing, we are continuing to use the older script. After trials that has taken more than 20 years, the existing script has proved to be much easier and even technically sound.

This site is purely non-commercial endeavour, founded by Mr. Tage Laling. We source our study materials from similar non-commercial studies done earlier. All materials in this site is open for all to use/adapt/modify for their work. In short, anyone can download and use any data in this site for free. Just for the sake of attribution, all users are requested to mention a credit on their work. The credit can attached in this format:

“Work adapted/derived from , an Apatani Online Dictionary founded by Mr. Tage Laling.

Apatani Dictionary remains committed to generate and distribute Tanw related study materials for free.