About Us

This site is a non-profit initiative by Mr. Tage Laling, it is dedicated to work towards simplifying Tanw [language spoken by around 60,000 people at Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh, India] writing and speaking, we are working towards creating a writing system that works well with any other languages, especially, English as our current writing system uses almost all English sounds ‘as is’ and does good job in producing accurate Tanw sounds. Please read our proposal here.

We feel that Tanw reading and writing should be made simple and easy for all to learn and use. We are of the opinion that introducing a script without proper research on its applicability, is more detrimental than good for the survival of our language itself. By making it unnecessarily complex we are discouraging our already Hindi/English influenced younger generation from having any interest whatsoever in our own mother tongue.

We are periodically uploading Apatani Dictionary data here, it can be used as per the Open Source licensing for non-commercial purpose.

Apatani Dictionary Team:
1. Mr. Tage Laling (Founder)
2. Advocate Mr. Mudang Opo (Chief Legal Officer)
3. Mr. Nending Ommo (Linguist)
4. Ms. Rubu Mamung (Linguist)
5. Ms. Nani Oomie (Collaborator)

We Thank Henkako Technologies for their support. 

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